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Did you know that customers are spending more money with companies that support a meaningful cause? And what better cause than erasing poverty by giving the hard-working poor a small “microloan” to help them grow their business. (Remember what your first loan did for you?)

So here’s the deal-we’ve created a unique “cause-marketing” program that when you join, you’re already funding microloans right out of the gate. It’s that easy. Now you can attract the rapidly-growing segment of customers that care and grow your business faster, while at the same time making a

difference. You see, it’s not just good, it’s good business. Plus it’s amazing when you give, you’ll end up receiving way more back. So pick how many people you want to help each month from the membership plans below and sign up today.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you find the people to give microloans to?
We have expert partners on the ground in countries all over the world who have built trust within communities and are operating the microloan programs.
Can I change my membership level?
Yes, you can! Simply contact us and we will help you.
Can I select the microloans I want to support?
Yes, you can! You can choose the countries, sectors and gender of the microloan recipients. It just takes a moment to set your impact preferences.
What is Cause Marketing?
It’s an opportunity for a business to use their influence to support a cause (like erasing poverty by providing microloans) AND grow their business at the same time.
Can I cancel my membership?
Yes, you can cancel your monthly or annual subscription prior to your upcoming payment by logging into your PayPal account. If you cancel your membership, your listing will be removed from the directory, and you will no longer be able to use the logos/badges or any of the marketing materials.
83% of Americans wish more of the products, services and retailers they use would support causes.
~ Cone’s 2010 Cause Evolution Study
91% of the global microfinance need is unmet. (Currently 160 million microloans of a potential 1.5 billion).
61% of Americans are willing to try a new brand if associated with a cause.
~ Cone's 20101 Cause Evolution Study
The average microloan is $381 with a global repayment rate of 98%. When repaid, the money becomes available to be re-lent to another microentrepreneur.
"Microfinance is one of the key driving mechanisms to meet the Millennium Development Goals, specifically the target of halving extreme poverty and hunger by 2015."
~ Mark Malloch Brown, UN
"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful and committed people can change the world. Indeed it is the only thing that ever has."
~ Margaret Mead
"I can't wait to start plugging these small businesses to everyone I know!"
~ Erica, San Diego
“I am so impressed with the innovative approach you have developed to support the success of entrepreneurs concurrently domestically and internationally – and linking their success together so effectively.”
~ Alisa, Senior Strategist
"Microcredit is a macro idea. This is a big idea, an idea with vast potential. Micro credit is an invaluable tool in alleviating poverty."
~ Hillary Clinton
"My prospects and customers are so excited we're part of Erase Poverty."
~ Owner,
“I am amazed with your vision and the difference you are making with Erase Poverty. I’m so excited to be a member! I can’t believe I get to make a difference like this! Thank you for this opportunity!”
~ Owner, Glam and Sassy
"Microfinance is changing the world for the better. I'm excited to be involved in this movement both personally, and now with my company!"
~ Owner,
"How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world."
~ Anne Frank
‎"Our generation can be the first in history to end extreme poverty. That's our good fortune, our challenge and our responsibility."
~ Jeffrey Sachs